Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lesson # 1 - Delving into key concepts of Modern art

1) What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Art”?
2) Who are your favorite painters or artists? Why do you like them?
3) How do you feel about Contemporary Art?
4) Did you use to have Art lessons when you were at Elementary school? If so, describe them.
5) Are you any good at painting? Were you good when you were a child?
6) Have you ever visited an Art gallery? If so, what’s the best art gallery or museum you’ve been to? Support your answer.
7) Do you think any object can become a work of art?
8) Who’s one the most famous living artist in your country? If you don't know, search online.
9) Are there any artists whose work you really dislike? If so, support.
10) Do you think art galleries and museums should be free? Why or why not?
11) What’s the most beautiful work of art you’ve seen? Describe it.
12) Do you have artworks in your home? What artworks would you most like to have?
 13) How do you think the Art world might change over the next 50 years?
14) Define the following concepts with your own words (if you don't know them, search online):

a) Figurative art

b) Abstract art

15) Match the pictures below with their respective names:
a) Dripping                                          
b) Pictographic symbols                              
c) Canvas                                                    
d) Brushstrokes                                          
e) Portrait                                                     
f) "La Sagrada Familia" at Barcelona            
g) Grid                                                         
h) Brush                                                       
i) Oil paints                                                  
j) Stained glass windows 
k) Manifesto
l) Ink
m) Splattering
n) Pouring